Friday, February 11, 2011

I have been engaged in an ongoing correspondence with Richard Clewer of Magister Militum about the 15mm French Revolution miniature line. It seems that he has added a few new units to the French (cavalry and limbers, caissons and wagons). In addition, he will be adding limbers, caissons & wagons for the Austrians and Prussians. Over the next year it is his goal to add more or update the collections over the next year. The additions will also be occurring in the later napoleonic collections. The Revolutionary era (1794-1802) additions are great news to me as I hope to continue to complete more of my ever growing collection. I forgot to ask when the additions will appear on the website, but I know some are already available to order...he is also considering adding British and Russians.

Here's the link to the collection: (

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