Sunday, June 1, 2014

Well, it's been quite awhile since I posted on the BLOG. Right about the time of my last post, I got ever so slightly injured in a training--a Blackhawk blasted dirt under my goggles during a water drop. A careless cough from a pogue right in my face led to a viral infection in the eye must have "snogged" the eye. The infection promptly spread to both. A misdiagnosis fed into a situation where I sported the eyes of Sauron for quite a long time.

Eye color change, a spate of blindness, slow recovery, blurry vision, light sensitivity, etc. have all given me a new appreciation. In short, all of the things important to me like wildland fire fighting, painting miniatures, working on my old house, reading, exercising (no sweat allowed in the eyes, don't you know) got put on hold as I stumbled around with limited vision like a vampire in midday...not the sparkly type.

Enough of the pity party...

Now, if your a subscriber to These Weeks in Wargaming either directly through email hosted by Ganesha Games, you know that I managed to keep issues flowing. One can type looking at the key boards. The image pasting and layout was difficult but do-able.

As you're reading this, you also know the Blog dropped off.  By the time TWiW was out, I'd had it for a few days. A life saver was Beasts of War Weekender as I could get about an hour or so of screen time before the irritation set in.

Computers still bug my eyes.  It's been possible to publish out TWiW; but the "reserves" are about tapped out for the old Mk1's by the time I hit send so lately even TWiW tapered off as I tried to rest the eyeballs for my Firefighting physical--I need to get back to the woods.

Well, I'm still sidelined...maybe, I'll be back to the fires in July...until then, let's get this party started back up. I'm going to try to put out more regular TWiW and mirror the postings on the BLOG.

So let's plant a standard, take a stand and make a mark...

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