Saturday, June 7, 2014

Maori War Gunboats

Dressing the Lines, one of my favorite BLOGs posted today about a new book with a different angle on the Maori Wars. Ever since I hiked parts of the South Island and travelled around New Zealand, I have been hooked on all things Waikato Wars, Hone Heke, Mondays Warriors, essence what used to be called the Maori Wars and is now called The New Zealand Wars.  I collected a large bunch of a defunct line of figures in 15mm figures to game the period. I covet the 28mm figures by Empress Miniatures.  I try to gather and read as many of the books as I can...sometimes tough to do on an otherwise esoteric topic to most Americans.

The new book is entitled The Waikato River Gunboats by Grant Middlemiss. Having grown up around Lake Champlain with it's history of Gunboat warfare, worked on an archaeological dive of the same, and a long interest in Mosquito Fleets, Brown Water Navies, etc., this book is on my short list.

To whet your apetite, I "lifted" two images:

Go HERE to purchase the book. And while your at it, subscribe to Dressing the Lines.

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