Saturday, March 31, 2012

Still Grumpy and now itchy...

Still no fire duty due to my black widow spider bite from 2008 California Fires has made me allergically sensitive (or that's what the Doctor thinks).

I got poison ivy for the first time two weeks ago clearing some brush back from some old oaks. I was always immune. No big whoop--a little itchy gooey spot on one forearm--"That's why we don't roll our sleeves back Mr. Ryan" was ringing in my head. I figured it was my turn as I had stupidly rolled my sleeve back.

Strangely, this developed into an attack of The Thing. Every time I scratch a spot, anywhere, it flares up into a swollen bumpy itchy mound. And I mean anywhere. I ate an M&M and one side of my face got swollen. I had a beer and my whole ^%$&! body was itchy crawly. I can't even imagine what a glass of red wine would do...needless to say, I am in no danger. But I have got LOTS of itchy welts. Do you know how many times a day you scratch yourself without thinking? And where? I do. Every day I have a new diary of welts and stuff. Most of them fade by morning.Thankfully, the Zirtec blunts it and I have a high tolerance of itchy as I do not scratch much. And a, that's heaven as it scratches everything without the concurrent irritation or swelling. I actually showered through a whole tank of hot water...what am I a teenager again.

So, I am grumpy and itchy. Grumpy because I did refuse a one day prescribed fire as I felt I was a liability to my crew. Who wants to work next to someone who may have a tentacle sprout out of his forehead after the helmet band rubs it...or perhaps this is a better image of what my forehead would look like after a day of rubbing:

All in all, I have to laugh. Just another month in the Saga of Mark.

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