Friday, December 23, 2011

Prussians on the Move!

File:Valmy battle.jpgThe Battle of Valmy 1792 by Jean-Baptiste Mauzaisse

I have been working on the French Revolution for years with Magister Militum figures. This year (and next) I devoted a significant amount of resources into the project. Magister Militum has been fantastic working to get their French listings rounded out and completed. In 2012, they are working on the Prussians as am I. Richard Clewer and I correspond periodically about the period and the figure line which is in expansion mode.
With his permission, here is an excerpt about the Prussians and new releases in 2012: "...We needed to get Fusiliers done from scratch (they wore a shako and different jacket to Prussian Infantry and Grenadiers). Also they have no standard bearers, or standards. The Jagers are a conversion, the Bosniaks are being done from scratch and cavalry command being converted for the others...We are also getting limbers made...horses with artillery men for the limbers...I will try to get those sent off first thing..."
Click here for PRU001 Fusilier, advancingClick here for PRU009 Hussar commandClick here for PRU011 ArtillerymenClick here for PRU003 Grenadier, advancing

So there, you have it. Straight from the proverbial horse's mouth. Prussians are on the move!

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