Saturday, December 10, 2011

28mm Coolness for Christmas

Wargames Foundry has a beautiful new book, Condottiere, The Dogs of War on Renaissance Italy. It looks pretty good. The price tag is not too bad. It followsthe trend in hardcover rules $40.00 with free shipping. I suspect some of the other prices for non-US customers are better as the Foundry exchange rate is rooted firmly in the 1920's many times being well over the $2.00 per English Pound. Whatever the case, the page shots are very nice.
I would steer clear of the book if you have any interest in the period as I suspect the possession of such could be a tipping point. I have a close friend who is steadily working away on his collection, so I am interested in the book...I suspect I am fine with not owning the figures as I have enough periods...but I do have my Leonardo stuff and if I bought some Old Glory and...danger Mark Ryan Danger... any way, here's the link:
If not to make matter worse, it seems today they are selling their new Napoleonic era rules, Napoleon for $20.00. Here's the link: (
And did you see Warlord's deal on Roarke's Drift? Take a look at this: ( Whoa! That's cool.HoTB
I must say, if I did not already have it in 15mm, I'd be amending my Christmas list. What almost got me, though was the Roman watchtower:
Eastern Roman Watchtower


  1. We've been eying up the Rourke's Drift set too. I honestly don't know when I'd get to painting it though!

    1. It's a great set. Good value and it paints up very well.