Thursday, July 20, 2017

Human Interface Nakamura Tower.

 In the last week, I started painting and building for Human Interface: Nakamura Tower by Post Industrial Games. The hybrid miniature-boardgame is based on a struggle between two powerful megacorporations in the near future--Cyber Punk at its best. Each player leads a team of selected professionals from either the police, various corporations or mercenaries hired by another faction. Each of the team has unique skills, abilities, weapons, equipment, and enhanced cybernetics.

The first part of the project was to build the supplemental terrain by Zen Terrain
Security Objectives
Coffee Machines/Water Coolers
Server Towers with LEDs

After the terrain was finished, I built the figures necessary to play the first three scenarios. Here is the first stage of the Muramasa Drones where they have been built, primed, base coated and initial roughing as preparation for shading. I will continue to post more pictures as the drones and the first four characters are painted and ultimately based on Acrylic bases by Litko Systems.


  1. Wow, these LED inside the Server Towers are very impressive, love these towers!

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  2. Th LED towers fit together very well and look good. The coffee machines...not so easy get them to hold together.