Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Best of the Blogs I Follow: 21-27 June 2015

Here's all the latest from the Blogs I follow...I hope you enjoy them. There are some good ones in this batch. I will be moving about in various acapacities over the next few weeks; thus, the postings might get thin...if they do, look forward to a bumper crop later in July.

Paint. Play and build. And play some more...

I. AAR's & Convention Reviews
Anatoli's Game Room Chain of Command Eastern Front Village Assault
Association Les Riflemen Spanish Quagmire
Baconfat Log Zombies in the Pike & Shotte era
Crapid Fire Clash on the Fringe
and Stealers in the Hive
Der Alte Fritz Journal Battle of Kolin
Dog of War WWII Soviets vs. Germans
Irregular Wars Conquistadors versus Mapuche
Javier at War Escape from Velikiye Luki (Squadleader with Minaitures)
Joy and Forgetfulness Waterloo Day
Lonely Gamers Probing for the Army of the Potomac Flank
Marching in Colour Warmaster Ancients Greeks vs. Romans
Mars Miniatures Battle of Balin's Tomb
Scrivsland Spanish Civil War Action
Shadowkings Conan and the Temple of Death
Wargamerabbit Battle of Wartenburg

II. Battle Projects, Campaigns & Unit Histories
Maiwand Day Reeds for Charasaib

III. Miscellaneous & Observations
Buck's Blog 16 day multi-State Travel log...worth a look at this one and previous ones. They've traveled all 50 states and have some great ideas for trips...
Dressing the Lines Making your own Book with SnapFish
JJ's Wargames Wellington Museum 2015
League of Augsberg Geek Nation Tour Waterloo 200th, Part Six

Legatus' Wargaming Armies Painting to Movie Soundtracks, Composers and Architecture
Mann's Model Moments Painting Tutorial for Planetfall
Rebel Barracks goes to Gettysburg
Root Around the Warchest SciFi Mercenaries
and Robots

IV. Painting & Building
All Bones About It Ice Troll
Mummy Lich, #158

Baconfat Log Giant Stompy Robot & WW1 French
Daluappror Scanian Dragoons
Evil Bob WW1 Australians, British & Germans

Fawcett Avenue Conscripts Sons of Horus Heavy Support
Jimbibblyblog Samurai Terrain
Lonely Gamers Dismounted Confederate Cavalry
Marengo Oltramarina Schiavoni
Miniature Mayhem Great Northern War
My Ever Growing Armies Roman Scorpios
Olicanalid's Games French Voltigeurs
Painting Wargames Figures Prinz Carl Chevauxlegers
Palouse Wargaming Journal French for 1859
Turns a Cheesy German in to Sean Connery
Pijlie's Wargames Blog Scratch Builds a Pirate Ship Part 2 & 3
Shedwars Builds Docks, Part 1
Squadpainter Swiss Eptingen Regiment

V. Reviews & Variants
Ion Age Planetary Militia Free Download

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