Sunday, June 14, 2015

Best of the Blogs I Follow: 7-13 June 2015

I. AAR's & Convention Reviews
Anatoli's Game Room SS Panzergrenadiers vs. Soviets
Association Les Riflemen 1866 Bavaria
Dr. Merkury's Lab Gunfight
Dux Rampant Kill the Lich

Joy & Forgetfulness Battle of Chamla Valley
Matt's Gaming Page Operation Market Larden
Olicanalad's Games Punic Wars
Tales from the GHQ Sudan
Tiny Tanks 3mm Cold War Gone Hot
Wargmaing in 28mm... Black Powder Hougoumont
Wargaming in Sverige Great Northern War
Wargaming Miscellany Little Cold Wars

II. Battle Projects, Campaigns & Unit Histories
Jay's Wargaming Madness Hell's Highway for Bolt Action
JJ's Wargames 2/24th Ligne

Storm of Steel Stalingrad
Talomir Tales Summer 998
Wargaming Miscellany 1864 & The 2nd Schleswig Holstein War

III. Miscellaneous & Observations
Ion Age Free Content--Patrol Angis

Ubique The Bill

IV. Painting & Building
All Bones About It #156 Paladin
Anatoli's Game Room SS Panzergrenadier Platoon
Brooklyn Wargaming 28mm Artisan US Paratroopers
Dog of War Objective Markers
Dwartist Painting 15mm White Dragon Armadillo
Herr Brush 28mm Crusader Pak 40
Italian War Flags Tutorial on Printing Cloth Flags...psst! He'll sell them too.
Joy & Forgetfulness Ruga-Ruga
League of Augsburg Ainsty Merchantman

Light Blobs & Paint Blobs Greek Peltasts
Monkey that Walks Vikings
My Ever Growing Armies Roman Cavalry
Not Just Old School Wargaming Trees
One More Gaming Project 25mm Dwarf Warmachine Conversion to 10mm
Painting the Lead Pile Tents
Painting Wargames Figures Karlstädter-Lykaner Grenzer
Root Around the Paint Chest 15mm Highlander Studios Monkeys
ScrivslandAnother Dozen Poilu
Shadowkings Fenris Bolt Action Desert & Were Rabbit
Sharp End of the Brush 25mm Old School Characters

Shedwars Movement Trays
Skull & Crown Venetian Galleass
Tales from the Maelstrom Rogue Trader Additions
Tom's Toys Soldiers Northstar Porters

V. Reviews & Variants
Brooklyn Wargaming Artizan AntiTank & Command
Dux Rampant Camel Variant

Mann's Model Moments Unbox Dindrenzi
Root Around the Warchest 15mm Copplestone Conan


  1. Thanks for these links, great job, I'm proud to be one of them!

    1. Phil, I enjoy your Blog. It is much appreciated. Hopefully more will discover it.

  2. Great selection of blogs Mark!

    1. Thanks, Roger! I have the easy job. The other Bloggers do the heavy lifting...