Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dade's Massacre


The Dade Massacre-National Historic Landmark

From the original oil by Ken Hughs in the collection of the Historical Association of Southern Florida. The massacre of Major Francis Langhorn Dade near present day Bushnell, Florida on December 28, 1835 heralded the long and costly Second Seminole War, 1835-1842. Declared a National Historic

Check out these photos from a reemactment of Dade's Massacre!i=1668147225&k=TsSB4zz

If you go down to the battlefield near Ocala, FL; the Florida Park service has preserved the actual battlefield and built a mock-up for reenactment. I found it interesting that the preserved battlefields has evolved into an Oak forest with little undregrowth; thus, the narrative of the battle will make no sense. No sense, that is, until one walks over to the reenactment field which is about 150 years behind in the evolutionary progression of the northern Florida forest.

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