Monday, June 13, 2011

Mutants and Death Ray Guns on Sale

Ganesha Games announced today to celebrate Italy's decision not to build any more nuclear power plants today, the PDF edition of Mutants and Death Ray Guns will be available at half price until Sunday (June 19th). That means you can get the game at $4 USD a pop. Ganesha will refund $4 via paypal on every order which includes MDRG.

I played a series of these games last year. The games are fast and fun. The game-verse is that of Gamma World or Thundarr the Barbarian rather than Mad Max or The Road. The only reason I have not played more is that I am trying to work through my collections and give each set a play. It is definitely on the list for more play. I'd also like to try a campaign as the rules come with a simple campaign system.

So if you ever thought to play this genre or are a pdf collector go here ( and pick one up.

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