Friday, May 20, 2011

The phone is dead. Prescribed fire is done for now, rates are down's not Brooke's fault.

It's official, the phone is dead. A blast of water and the pictures are gone. That will teach me not to sync my phone after each fire. Oh well, the pictures weren't that great any way as I was busy in the last two doing interior ignitions.

Prescribed fire season is done for now. So no action until a deployment.

I have some training to look forward to in June. That's all for now on that on.

The photoshoots have picked up the slack. I have been busy trying to rent the house for some location shoots. Looks like I have six days booked with a possible two more. The possible is a good one: La-Z Boy Chairs and Brooke Shields. Business here is down, though. By now, I should have eight days completed and I be bargaining hard on the rates for the next five. This year, the rates have stunk worse than last year. Everyone is discounting the rates but I refuse to drop too far. Already there is no differentiation in the price for print versus film. CRAZY! The wear and tear on the house is enormous for film. If the rates fall too far, you're getting quick money but will pay in the long term. Even for the Brooke Shields' shoot I am loath to lower the rate too far.
Though she is hot! Maybe they would get further if she did the negotiating...

Wargaming is down.. I hope to have something to report soon...

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