Monday, April 11, 2011

Wargaming the past two weeks...

Board-, Card and Role Playing Games Played:
I got in five games of Memoir '44 bringing my yearly count up to thirteen. If you play with a person not accustomed to analysis paraysis, we can finish a game in less than thirty minutes. I really enjoy this game. The first game I was the Germans attacking outside of Moscow in the Winter of 1941. Good game. The second was from the Russo-Finnish War which was far more challenging in it's careful and bold use of ski troops. It took me three tries to win as the Finns. The first gane was a wash as the cards fell totally in the Russian favor. Game two was much closers I mastered the movement of the ski troops. Game three was also very close but was a win.
Three games of Battleship StarWars the electronic version. My son pulled this out of his game cabinet. I was skeptical but found myself hooked. IT has an advanced game that uses torpedoes, sensor, strafing and bombs. And the AI is challenging. I got one game in against my son and two against the computer...not a single victory. This is worth picking up.
My buddy Joe, not a warmer came over for pizza at the tale end of a gaming session. We lured him into a game of Formula D--Monaco as he enjoys Formula One racing. The game was a success with all parties having a good time. After the game, Joe was looking over the more complicated version. In addition, his son expressed interest in playing. It was the first time I played this game with more than four players and found it gets better exponentially. I look forward to a game of this with the full eight parties.

Miniature Games:
My miniature gaming looked to be down in this period as I missed both Friday Games at Mike's. One died the death of the sweet sixteen season as all of out sitters are going to the gala parties. The other died the death of a need to volunteer at my children's school functions. Last minute, though, Igor and Tim came over for two quick games of Ganesha's Flying Lead and Fear and Faith. Igor is a fan of Songs of Drums and Shakoes as we have played three games of this one so we decided to try these other rules using some recently painted science fiction figures. On the yahoo group I had read that FL is good for hard SciFi and cinematic SciFi while F&F is recommended for Gothic SciFi; thus, we played two SciFi games.
The first used FL. It involved a faction of Tritonians defending a gate (Star?) from an incursion of Mercurians. Here you see the Mercurian force guarding the old temple gate:
Meanwhile the Mercurian scout was sneaking up.
As the Mercurians gathered behind the bush, the Tritonians flung a grenade. Unfortunately, a fumbled throw caused the Tritonain force to suffer the concussive effects for awhile. The Mercurians seemed unable to get motivated enough to advance giving the Mercurians time to recover, rally and gun them down. A lone survivor escaped while the remainder of the squad was captured.

Game two saw the Earth Force UN Rocketeers steadily push the Venusians back.
Some would say that the Venusian lack of stereoscopic vision had an effect. Others would say the steady advance of the UN Force under a hail of lead was the decide.

Venusians out-manuvering the Rocketeers. Position failed against armor and firepower. Venusian Forces lacked the staying power to hold the Temple Gate.

Projects Worked On:
Colonialism/VSF: I got to read various DRAFTs of the new GASLIGHT compendium. It looks fantastic!
Doctor Who: Vehicles were sourced by a contact in the UK.
French & Indian War: I read a great article in an old Military History magazine about Ticonderoga that has me fired up to dig out mycollection of F&I troops and terrain.
French Revolution: Basing continues on the Bleus and the mob. Now I just need Magister Militum to ship off the artillery and cavalry. I started to plan the me crazy.
Modern: Vehicles were sourced by a contact in the UK.
South American Wars of Liberation: Planning continues here as I get ready to start my Horse & Musket painting again. I have been cataloging my various units that can do duty in South America (and North America) with a simple Standard bearer change. Steel 1 cm squares is the key--with a small slice of magnetic tape, I can change a unit to another side. So far I have identified various units that resemble other in other wars (War of 1812, Texas War of Independence and the Carlist War, not to mention other theaters of operation in the SA Wars.
War of 1812: See SA Wars above.

Painting and Painters:
Matt Slade was able to help me solve the 1960-1970-era British vehicle problem I was having. He managed to gather quite a nice collection and ship it to me...I'll let you know how they are. I definitely see some Geezers games in the future, not to mention Dr. Who, UFO, James Bond, etc.

Check out this link for some post-apocalpytic goodness (!?!) in 15mm:
Two Hour Wargames has come up with Zombie Golf. The AOR is a good read:
If Cthulu is your thing, then the new Mansions of Madness boardgame is reviewed here:

Meeples and Miniatures had a good review and two interviews concerning the upcoming release of Ambush Alley's Force on Force...if this is interesting to you, the authors suggest pre-ordering through for significant discounts on the core rule book and the various theater rules. I did learn that they have cut World War Two out of Force on Force. The Theater books in the pipe are Road to Baghdad (Iraq 2003), Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan), Ambush Valley (Vietnam) and Cold War Gone Hot. They also have Tomorrow's War coming out this summer for the SciFi folks.
The old standby of D6 Generation was focused on a superhero roleplaying game...not my speed.

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