Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Week 50 of 2010

The run up to Christmas has been interesting and quite taxing.
1) I am on call for a fire crew? Where? I was not aware that my crew is on the hook for Australia this winter. Deployment over Christmas could be an explosive situation if I get called...Stacey would "love" that one.
2) Lots of things are breaking around the house (the furnace, the hot tub, the alarm, windows, latches, solar christmas lights, etc.); but all are fixed now.
3) My wife has successfully looted some of her presents and sent them to her Mom!?! Now, what do I do?
4) My son's Bearded Dragon is loose in the house and we cannot find him.

Here are some awesome post-Apocalyptic terrain websites:
1) http://captainapathy.wordpress.com/2010/12/17/dots-diner-and-the-jury-street-metro-station/
2) http://www.fastcodesign.com/1662890/lori-nixs-stunning-tiny-dioramas-depict-an-abandoned-world-slideshow#1

John the OFM posted some good folk music (if you like folk music) called Bonaparte's Retreat (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNigFpaBBf8) on The Miniatures Page.

Hopefully things will quiet down so I can paint and play before Christmas...

Card and Boardgames Played:
I played some more Memoir '44. One game was face to face with Mike after the weekly wargame at his house. I chose the First Wave at Omaha as I only have a 17% chance of winning (according to Days of Wonder). Unfortunately, I had the "perfect storm" of cards and pushed inland. I felt bad crushing him but there was no much else I could do. Good cards and good dice. The other games were played online ad tracked the system a bit better.
Miniature Games:
Mike had me come over and run two games of Space Hulk. He had set up Scenario #4, Cleanse & Burn for his gaming group. Each game was set up for two Marine players and one genestealer player. Both games saw a Genestealer win. Both games were close. I think everyone had a good time.

MBA sent me two tents. It was a nice surprise. Great stuff.

American Civil War.
Carlist Wars:
Doctor Who:
Fantasy/Dungeon Crawls:
French & Indian War:
French Revolution: I began working on some Levee en Masse/Mobs, Four Demibrigades(One Blanc & two Bleu w/2 Bttn guns per); various cavalry and dragoons plus artillery & wagons. Battalions will be 48 figures and cavalry will be 16 figures. This sets me up to play out all of the various skirmishes and battles for the Vendee on a sliding scale from true skirmish up to 1:20 per figure. Need limbers and caissons to match the magister militum? Also let me know if you have any particular units that "NEED" to be done. Prussians, Austrians and Russians to follow in the future. I suspect this current phase will be done sometime mid-2011.
Lace Wars:
Pony Wars:
South American Wars of Liberation:
Seminole War:
Science Fiction/40K/Rogue Trader (not the RPG):
Spanish Civil War:
Trojan War:
War in Pacific (1879):
Wildland Firefighting:
World War One:
World War Two:

Painting and Painters:
Evil Bob sent me a box. It was taken for Christmas. I'll let you know.

Have you seen John Leahy's painted figures (http://johnleahy.wordpress.com/)? He is selling Old Glory 15's for $1.60 (painted & based) per figure. Very tempting.

I have been working on my 28mm Cthulu figures and 15mm French Revolution getting ready for a big paint.

Battlegames and two issues of Wargames Illustrated showed up. I hope to read them next (this) week.


Fear the Boot was funny. I listened to that while replacing window panes. I actually laughed out loud.


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