Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Brigade Vikings III: Metal, Wood, & Flesh

My preferred method of painting is to work from the innermost levels of the figure outward: thus, In paint flesh and hair and then work out through the various layers of clothing and equipment.


I always paint the metal armor of chain and plate first. It's a messy process of drybrushing that has a tendency to got little bits of metal around. Naturally, this includes the various sword, spear and other weapons. Here are a series of pictures showing chainmail and some helmets in progress.
Shade Coat



Following the armor, I paint the wood of any spears, axes or other hand weapons.

Then, it's time to do the flesh, hair, clothes, and lastly equipment. Here are the results before Clear coat and basing:


  1. The Vikings look amazing. Your shields look better than anyone else's on the internet.

  2. Thanks! I tried to paint them to loom like they were painted by the Vikings and from the Show as the figures look very much like the show. I will post a picture soon of the based figures. I have no pictures of them with shields affixed as the customer wanted them unattached. There are more figures from the line in the painting queue.