Friday, July 22, 2016

Historicon 2016; Pre-Contact North American Tribes; and, Pulp Figures in the Mexican Revolution

I managed to pry a few days away and attended Historicon...partially attended. I was present for the Friday and part of Saturday before reporting for duty in Massachusetts on Sunday.

I was a bad photographer. I did get to play three great games: PBI (Early Russian Front); Song of Drums and Tomahawks (Raid on a Settlement); and, Beneath the Lily Banners (Ireland 1689). Each of the games was well presented and well run. Two games were hosted by the authors.

With my limited shopping time, I did manage to reconnect and pick up some great figures by Bob Murch. I have shamelessly posted his paint jobs. Thank you Bob!

I purchased the two warparties of the pre-Contact Indians:
Go Here to purchase.

The figure line was specifically sculpted for the rules Flint & Feather by Howard Whitehouse and Roderick Robertson. 
Go Here to purchase.

While chatting with Bob, I was also presented with the first four packs of the Mexican Revolution Range. 
Go Here to purchase.

Now, I just need to find the time to clear my current painting projects to work on these new figures and try out the Beta copy of the rules...